Nurse Neke

We are proud to say when you choose us to satisfy your sweet tooth,  we are Food Safety Manager Certified, and hold a food permit with the Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services.  All of our cakes are prepared in a licensed commercial kitchen.
"All the Flavor Minus the Frosting"
Nurse Neke's Coconut Cakes as seen on the Sissaundra Show

Our Story

We are so happy you chose to stop by Nurse Neke's Coconut Cakes! We are a small bakery in Orlando, FL. All of our cakes are baked with love and each cake contains coconut. Coconut makes everything better!

Coconut cake holds a special place in my family, it originally started with my grandma Doshia, she would bake a Coconut Cake for special occasions, and all though she had 10 kids there  was only one in the bunch who  learned her recipe and enhanced it: My mother Shirley.

I loved my mom's version so much, I became that one out of the bunch to learn the ins and outs of what made her Coconut Cakes so special. Not only did I learn my mother’s technique, I  then added my own unique personal touch to each batch, thus giving birth to a variety of flavors: Coconut Cream Cheese (Filling), Strawberry Cream Coconut, Pina Colada, Cinnamon Spice, and our latest creation Bananna Nut!

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