Food Safety Manager Exam Topics

There are specific topics you should know about when studying for your food safety manager test. The exam will test you on many subjects. Here are five food safety manager exam topics you should study.


  1. Responsibilities as a manager. When holding this license it is your job to know the tasks of every role that will make your establishment safe, and keep the general population safe. It is your responsibility to make sure the staff is trained according to policy and procedures you create based on your state regulations. Documentation  should be completed and kept on hand for all training regarding policy, procedures, and daily logs. 

  2. Regulatory compliance. We touched on this in #1. It will be your job to make sure your establishments meets all requirements that your state demands you meet in order to keep your doors open. Local health departments will conduct inspections to make sure you are following all requirements. Inspections can be very scary, but every public food establishments must go through the process. 

  3. Preventing food contamination. It's your job to know how to handle your food and that your staff knows how to handle food.  One rule of thumb is to never touch raw food and then touch ready to eat food without properly washing your hands and changing your gloves. Another rule of thumb is to never store raw meats in the same fridge as ready to eat foods. These are just a few things that must be done to prevent food contamination. When you take your food safety course there will be much more you will learn on this topic.

  4. Cleaning and use of equipments and utensils. This may seem like a very small concern but every topic is just as important as the next one and they all correlate with each other. One thing you should know when it comes to equipments is that you have to follow the manufacturers guidelines when using it, which includes the break down, cleaning, and storage of its parts.

  5. Health and hygiene. As a safety food manager you will have to make the call of whether or not you need to send staff home, or sometimes shut down do to safety concerns. One thing you should keep in mind with this topic is that every hygiene is not the same. Some don't have the basic understands of good hygiene. Washing hands is a sensitive topic. All employees should wash their hands with soap and water (at least 10 seconds) before starting a task and placing new gloves on. If an employee has gloves on and is handling food they should only handle the food at task. For example one should not touch their phone with gloves on and then go back to handling food.  No one should touch their phone with gloves on. 

Hopes this helped you get a little closer to your dream! 
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