Do you need an LLC to work under the cottage food law?

You don't need a llc to work under the cottage food law.


Anyone can start working under the cottage food law as long as you follow your state regulations. 

    Should you wait to get a llc before you start working under the cottage food law?


    There is no need to wait on completing your application to form your llc while working under the cottage law. 

      How soon you get your llc for your business depends on your needs in this moment, and what you see as a priority. Some people have a llc but never take the steps to actually start production on their product and visa versa. 

      The con to waiting is you never know just how successful you will be and if your idea becomes a hit, someone else can beat you to creating that llc. If that ever happens then you would have to buy your llc name from that person which could cost thousands. If that's not an option you can also take the legal route which can also cost thousands.

        Did we create a llc right away?


        Yes, we did! Before we showcased the company to the world we became a llc.  Our company name is so unique that it didn't take long for us to complete the process. In some cases your application can be denied and even take up to months for approval.  It was the safest action we could take regarding our business and we encourage everyone to create a llc for any business they are looking to start. 


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